Conquering Math

So there I was, trying to drill some smattering of math into this obsessed child.  “Leon!” I called.  “Leon!  Stop playing conquistador and come back to your studies!  Look here, see this problem?  You got it all wrong!  68 out of 88 is not 110%!”

“But ma’am, you have always told me to give 110%!  When I am older, that is what I will demand from my soldiers!  Why would I put 77%?”

“And there you go again!  What is this soldier thing?  We are doing math!  Math is precise and exact…”

“So will my soldiers be,” Leon interrupted in a very definite tone.  “They will be precise!  There will be no disregarding my orders.  Everything will be exact!  No one out of line.  No one a minute late!”

“Then look!  Before you can command, you must be able to obey.  See, I am telling you.  You must divide…”

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