LEGO Ninjago Diorama Build Log

The creation of a LEGO MOC is always a detailed and time consuming process… but when the MOC is over 145×95 studs long, then it’s not just a process, it’s a project!  So when my brother and I decided to highlight the key locations of the Ninjago universe in that footprint, I made sure to document our progress!

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Japanese Fortress Build Log

Good morning folks!  Here I am, Guy Mock,* ready to walk you through the building process for Geneva’s latest creation, a Japanese Fortress.
*MOC, often pronounced mock, stands for My Own Creation

The fortress was modeled off the official LEGO set pictured below.  Likely Geneva chose this one because she figured it had nowhere to go but up.

And before we begin following the building process, here’s a shot of the final result to whet your appetite.

So what are we waiting for?  Let’s get building!

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