Righteousness Part Two: Man’s Dilemma

Last week we saw the demand God makes of all mankind: perfect righteousness, perfect obedience to His holy law.  This demand is hardly surprising, since a perfectly holy God could not be expected to tolerate imperfection in His creatures, much less the high treason that takes place when any human being decides that he knows better than God and chooses to go his own way.  The question then follows: does mankind fulfill this demand?  Or does he daily, even hourly, break the law of God and act as a law unto himself?

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Righteousness Part One: God’s Demand

                A perfect God can require nothing less from His creatures than perfect obedience. Were they to fail even in the slightest degree, God’s perfection would demand that He punish them!  What then, will be the punishment for mankind, who has repeatedly offended God’s majesty to His face?  How could God possibly pardon man?  How could he reconcile a people to Himself?  Is there any solution to this dilemma?  In this three part series we will look at the Old Testament, where we see God’s demand set forth as He commands righteousness and justice, man’s dilemma explained as He fails to obey, and God’s solution presented as He calls upon His people to base their trust on Him and His glorious plan.

First of all, God’s demand is set forth.

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The Switch in Sector 13

Just about everyone knows the first rule of interplanetary space driving on the BlueWay: when you own a five wheeled motorcycle you don’t need to worry about stoplights.  Especially if you tote a triple barreled MaxiGun around on the back of your cycle.  Then, the stoplights worry about you.

Common sense observation though that might be to most people, yet common sense is not – never has been, never will be – nearly as common as it should.  I ask you: does it make any sense that my neighbor, Tony Hartley, who rides a bicycle – yes, literally a bicycle, a relic of the twenty-first century, barely glossed over with the veneer of a space-capacity G resistant cockpit bubble and a hypersonic pedal intensifier – does it make any sense that he should feel himself entitled to pedal on down across the intersection and cause me to come to a screeching halt?  Red light or no red light, that is carrying matters too far!  Fair exchange and no robbery, he says, and I can’t deny that he got me out of a pretty tight predicament, so maybe he has a right.  But stopping at the stoplights is going to annoy me a lot longer, I can tell you!

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Fractional Reserve Banking: Unimportant or Unrighteous?

French toast for breakfast!  Who doesn’t love the appetizing aroma and delicious flavor?   Of course we need a few ingredients before we can have our pile of steaming goodness in the shape of French toast.  Bread, eggs, and milk – later on, butter and syrup – all need to be available for our ideal breakfast, and in the right quantities.  When was the last time you were able to create ten slices of French toast out of one slice of bread?  For that matter, when was the last time you were able to use one of anything to produce ten of the same?  You may not have that kind of power but, surprisingly, there is someone just around the corner who does.  When a bank accepts a deposit and then loans it out, it actually creates additional money out of nothing!  This practice (which we will explain in more detail in the next paragraph) is called fractional reserve banking.  But creating money with a few clicks of a mouse is a power that does not come without strings attached.  It has economically undesirable consequences and even moral implications that need to be considered.  Sadly, these often go completely under the radar.

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