Tiny Trailblazers – Vol. II

The LEGO baby returns to sail the seven seas in style!

He also takes time for a day on the farm.

More pictures after the break!

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God’s Covenants

When God had created man, He gave him a definite command, promising life if he obeyed and death if he did not. Man disobeyed, but God in His mercy entered into a series of covenantal bonds that led to the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who fulfilled perfectly the conditions of God’s original demand and earned life for all His people.

God’s covenants with His people set the backdrop for all of history and are essential for a true understanding of His purposes. But how often is this explained clearly to the younger generation – the generation that in a few years’ time will be the front rank of spiritual leaders?

God’s Covenants has been written and designed specifically for young children of Christian parents who need to be taught these great and timeless truths about God’s dealings with mankind.


Children will appreciate the simple explanations, thought-provoking questions, and creative illustrations built with LEGO® bricks. Parents will appreciate this golden opportunity to read a clear explanation of the Gospel to children wanting to hear it again and again.

God’s Covenants is available now on Sermon Audio and at Amazon.com

And stay tuned over the next few weeks for some behind-the-scenes looks at the illustrator’s take on creating a LEGO-illustrated book!

Bloomin’ Builds: LEGO Flowers

Whether you’re building a fort in a jungle or a peaceful kitchen scene, a few flowers can make a tremendous difference in the scene by adding color and realism.  And there are way more ways to include flowers than just the pre-molded LEGO flowers!  So let’s take a look at bringing beauty to your creation in different scenarios.

(Clicking on any picture will take you to it on my photostream, where you can see more angles of the same build!)

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Shinmizu Village

What do you get when you smash Venice and Japan together on the edge of a cliff? Welcome to Shinmizu village, where small canals thread their way between houses before rushing over the rocks in foamy waterfalls, where arabesque domes stand side-by-side flowering Japanese-style trees, and where your backyard could be a sheer cliff.

This build was a collaborative effort between myself and my brother Robert4168/Garmadon.  We spent about one month on it, including a pretty intensive last week!

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