2018 in LEGO

Another year has come to a close…
Highlights of 2018:
– 30 LEGO builds!  That’s a lot less than previous years… hopefully in 2019 I’ll be able to pick up the pace again!
– Self-publishing my first LEGO-illustrated book, God’s Covenants: Retold in LEGO Bricks.
– Collaborating with Garmadon on Shinmizu Village.
– More progress on my Tiny Trailblazers series.
– Brickworld Chicago 2018 was a huge highlight for me, including winning the last round of the Simon Games, playing Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer with InnovaLUG, participating in the Isles of Aura collaboration, and some great games of foosball!
– My largest build to date, Arctic Display, a project for The Brick Blogger.
– Joining Skaforhire and LittleJohn as co-leader of Kaliphlin.
– Collab with fellow MCTC members Capt Wolf and Elostirion to build up the settlement of Saldia Este.
– Helping to organize Kaliphlin at Work, a collaboration with 5 other GoH players.
– Working on instructions for multiple builds (see my new Youtube channel for an early look at a couple of those).
– Crossed a few things off my bucket list this year… going kayaking and canoeing, flying a plane, earning green tip belt in Taekwondo, reading Human Action, flying 10000 miles twice (NOT as co-pilot in this case…), to name a few!

Left to right:
Forest Tree House
Tiny Trailblazers: Farmer
Tiny Trailblazers: Pilot (A)
A Home for the Holidays
Tiny Trailblazers: Captain
Shinmizu Village
Arctic Display
Tiny Trailblazers: Garmadon
F5 Tiger II
Qarkyr Box Gardens

Thanks to everyone who reads, likes, or comments on my posts!  I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what’s coming in 2019!

LEGO collages from previous years:
2012 – my first six months of MOCing
2013 – progress!
2014 – a year I was away from the bulk of my collection
2015 – mad quantity of builds this year
2016 – Brethren of the Brick Seas heavy
2017 – maybe my best year to date

God’s Covenants

When God had created man, He gave him a definite command, promising life if he obeyed and death if he did not. Man disobeyed, but God in His mercy entered into a series of covenantal bonds that led to the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who fulfilled perfectly the conditions of God’s original demand and earned life for all His people.

God’s covenants with His people set the backdrop for all of history and are essential for a true understanding of His purposes. But how often is this explained clearly to the younger generation – the generation that in a few years’ time will be the front rank of spiritual leaders?

God’s Covenants has been written and designed specifically for young children of Christian parents who need to be taught these great and timeless truths about God’s dealings with mankind.


Children will appreciate the simple explanations, thought-provoking questions, and creative illustrations built with LEGO® bricks. Parents will appreciate this golden opportunity to read a clear explanation of the Gospel to children wanting to hear it again and again.

God’s Covenants is available now on Sermon Audio and at Amazon.com

And stay tuned over the next few weeks for some behind-the-scenes looks at the illustrator’s take on creating a LEGO-illustrated book!