An Adventure of the Olden Days

So there I was.  Ahead of me, the light cast a white glare over the rough stone wall.  I fumbled in my pocket.  Holding my flashlight carefully, I read the parchment again.

                To the wanderer through this den,
                Comes this friendly warning from our pen.
                Follow the river down to the fall,
                Curve a half circle, then climb the wall.
                The third step is fatal, so only take two,
                Follow instructions exactly – nothing else will do!

I took a deep breath.  Follow the river down to the fall.  What did it all mean?  I held the flashlight up high.  There was no river.  On the contrary, I was hemmed in by two massive stone walls on either side of me.  Behind me snaked the long corridor I had come through and in front of me a massive oak door calmly awaited my next move.

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Top This! Roofs with LEGO Bricks

Building edifices out of LEGO bricks isn’t quite a piece of cake – it takes time and thought to come up with the best choices for the floors, walls, and – of course – the roof!  There’s definitely no one roof fits all, but fortunately, there are dozens of great options when it comes to topping off your LEGO house!  So let’s explore a few ideas!

(As usual, clicking on the pictures will take you to my photostream where you can see more angles of the same creation!)

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A Transforming Light: The Impact of the Reformation

                Over two thousand and five hundred years ago, Nebuchadnezzar, King of ancient Babylon, saw in a dream a stone cut without hands, destroying the proud image of the kingdoms of the earth, and then growing into a mighty mountain.[1]  That stone, thrown once again into the sea of society during the Reformation, has caused spreading waves of effect – waves reaching to the farthest corner of the globe.  Like salt,[2] which pervades the flavor of food wherever it is introduced, the Reformers’ new presentation of the old truths of the gospel has had, and is still having, a tremendous influence on this earth.  Salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, based on the Bible alone, to the glory of God alone, has left its mark on human culture in each of society’s three main branches – on the individual, on family, and on government.

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Making Waves: Water with LEGO Bricks

We can’t live without water… and most LEGO builders would find it difficult to build without LEGO water, at least once in a while!  I don’t think I could even count the times I’ve used bricks to build water.  From peaceful oceans to foamy beaches to swimming pools, water seeps into my creations all the time.  So check out some of the many techniques I’ve used, and get inspired to build a bit of ocean yourself!

(To see more views of the following creations, just click on the pictures and scroll through my photostream!)

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