Knee Deep


Prating Pirates 2

Previous Prating Pirates (loosely connected).

Emperor: Are you sure this is safe?

Dragon: *Roars*

Ryuu: Sure it’s safe; see that dragon?  We’ve got to put the gold we’re bringing back there and then – ! No one could ever get past my dragon!

Emperor: *dryly* That’s my point.  


Emperor: These chests are heavy, there’s a dragon in the way who we’re supposed to get past, and…

Ryuu: AND all your gold will be safe from pirates in just a moment; here, I’ll get these behind the dragon, whose name shall be… Akilakomey, and you can go.

Emperor: Well, well then…  good day…

*Emperor’s feet shuffling quickly*

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Description of a Dragon

Swirled the milk-white snow; whistled the mountain wind; rattled the hollow pines.  Winter.

White, a wall of white; wind, a wave of wind; wood, a whirl of woods.  Winter – the wraiths of winter.

Snow, snow, snow! – as far as the eye could see – which was not very far.  Had the landscape been visible, its solitary grandeur would have been more awe inspiring than even the white world of swirling snow; rocky outcroppings, coated now with a mantle of purity; tall evergreens, pointing long fingers at the airy vault; grand peaks, majestic symbols of age and stability.  But the landscape was not visible.

Instead, a traveler would have been haunted only by the ghosts of pine trees – cheerful ghosts, for the day was a bright though not a clear one, and the crisp crackle of their clanging boughs suggested no midnight horrors – cheerful ghosts, looming through the whirl of snow – light, powdery snow, lifted by the breeze, dropped by the clouds, puffing in the air, dancing to the tune of the wind’s whistle.  But there was no traveler.

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Can God Create a Being that He Cannot Control?

Many people are familiar with the classic atheist question, “Can God create a stone that he can’t lift?”  The answer to that, of course, is the same as the answer to a question like, “Can God create a square circle?”  What is a square circle?  It’s nonsense; and so is “a stone that God can’t lift.”  There is no such thing; there couldn’t possibly be such a thing; from a Christian perspective, there couldn’t be such a thing because God is Unchanging Truth – logical and consistent.

So what about the question, can God create a being that He cannot control?  Is it parallel?

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