Behind the Scenes: Fire!

This build started off with a bicycle frame for the window and just got more complicated from there!

Behind the scenes there’s a pretty serious infrastructure to this house, despite the ordinary-looking siding!

First of all, for the shot I made sure to drape a black cloth over the sky, since that keeps unwanted light from shining through cracks in the bricks.

Then around back I used a cellphone flashlight to light up the fire inside.

The fire is made of quite a few different transparent orange and red parts with a wall of transparent bricks behind.

Without the cloth, you can get a better feel for the shape of the sky.  Notice how slanted it is – this is a relatively simple technique that really improves brick-built skies, especially night skies!

Here you can get a closer look at one technique I used for the siding.  Since the siding under the gable isn’t an even length, I just ran the attaching clips out of the picture so I could adjust the length however I wanted.

Back inside, I attached the siding as one whole panel via a series of clips.  The white clips here are for the window aka bicycle frame.

Another trio of clips keep the flames coming out of the roof in place!

Here’s a closer look at the siding under the gable.  This is a simple technique but a little fiddly to get all the pieces lined up.

Lastly, another shot of the final scene!

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