Behind the Scenes – Ladyhawke

If you’re as old as my mother, you may remember the movie Ladyhawke – a medieval tale of an evil bishop, a hero, and a hawk…

My siblings and I decided to recreate some of the key scenes from the movie…

Scene one is an elaborate view of the entrance to the city of Aquila, built by one of my brothers.

Scene two is Navarre breaking into the cathedral.  This was built partly by me, and partly by one of my younger sisters.  Of course, I made her do all the painstaking cobblestone.

We wanted to look fairly cohesive with the interior of the building, so we went for the same style of arch over the door.

The doors are pretty complicated out back.  The next build uses the same basic style of door so you’ll get a better look at it there.

I built scene three, and boy was that a lot of tan bricks!  I started out with a pillar design and scaled the rest of the creation from there.

Out back you can see how comparatively messy this creation was – especially when I ran out of plain tiles and started using printed ones for the wall texture.

Here’s a closer view of the back of the door.  I used one of my favorite techniques to flip studs – a 2×2 round tile with a hole in it and another 2×2 round tile with a stud in the middle.

The final MOC was pretty large but also quite sturdy, once all the arches were connected!

Here you can see a bit of stud flipping again!

The design on top of the tall arches was something of a last minute inspiration, but I like how they kind of look like wings!

Lastly, scene four shows the Bishop of Aquila and Navarre in their final face off.  This was built by another sister of mine – no behind the scenes shots of it, but I can vouch for it being pretty huge!

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