Old-time Relaxing

Nothing beats a warm, bubbly hot tub soak after a long day. Lay back and relax in the comfortable turtle shell while a trio of elephants keep the jets going. Tusks are handy as towel racks, too!

Current Submission Image

The suggestion for this build came from a LEGO Ideas contest and my Mom.  She’s always enjoyed hot tubs and I think secretly she’d love to try out a turtle shell one!

Current Submission Image

Speaking of turtle shell, I really enjoyed that part of the build, especially getting to use some brand new teal tiles around the rim!

Posing the elephants was tricky but rewarding.  They have quite a bit of articulation but it’s a little difficult to stand them up.

Current Submission Image

This was my first time trying out some steam effects, they turned out pretty well I thought!

Current Submission Image

Believe it or not, the wood poles actually do give the shell some stability.

I originally built a base for the MOC, but scratched that after the photography process.  Unnecessary color/clutter!  But I may have found another way to use it…

The elephants were the starting point for this build.  Without a good design for them I knew the whole thing would flop.  Inspiration came from Brother Steven’s Elemut.  I changed the dimensions of the body in particular and the interior of the legs is considerably different to accommodate a different placement of the joints, but there wasn’t much to improve upon in his head design!

Current Submission Image

Although elephants are of course not furry, the studs-out design gives these brick-built beasts a bit of a cuddly look!

Recent additions to the LEGO parts palette made some parts of this easier, such as the toes!

I might have gotten a bit carried away in elephant posing, but these little guys are lots of fun.

That’s all from this MOC!  If you enjoyed taking a closer look at it, you might also be interested in:

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