Behind the Scenes: A Forest Drive

Ready the carriage!  Harness the horses!  Oil the axles and polish the wheels speedily for the king is in haste!

I built this little micro carriage years ago – in 2013 to be precise!

Knowing it was one of my best small creations, I revisited it in 2017, smoothed out somethings, and took a much better picture!

Then I gave that particular carriage away to a friend, and so when I wanted to recreate the carriage once again I had to start from scratch.  And despite the fact that I’d already built it twice, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds!

After finishing up the carriage I wanted to give it a forest to gallop through.  Here’s a zoomed out version of a full shot so  you can get a sense for what the final frame involves.

The whole forest is actually quite large; I wanted to give the picture a sense of depth especially in the distance beyond the carriage.

Behind the green leaves I used dark green, also for a depth effect.

Then along the back I built a solid green wall, so that all the light in the MOC would come from the top and front.

For the dense foliage cover on top, I used a technique that’s quite handy for scenes – poles and clips to suspend leaves at exactly the height I wanted.

Using a series of clips I changed up the angles for some of the leaves.

Fun fact about this MOC – an hour or so after I finished it, and before I took any photos, one of my siblings knocked off the table and it was pretty much shattered.  After having spent a week building it, I was horrified – but it actually only took about three hours to repair!

See the inner workings of some of my other MOCs:

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