Behind the Scenes: Rice Terraces

In far off fields of plastic rice little yellow minifigures are working…

What’s behind those long terraces and fluffy clouds?

I’ve wanted to build rice terraces for a long time.  My original inspiration was Paul Trach’s Honshū Rice Terrace; and then Marcel V.’s The Rice Terraces reminded me of it!

Since I wanted to build a full scene, I knew I’d need a technique that stayed with pieces I had enough of.  I went for ordinary stalks with 1×1 round trans-light blue studs spread on top.  Each wall is about two bricks high and the terraces climb by about a brick.

Deciding how to fade from terraces into background was extremely tricky.  I wanted the transition to be smooth but couldn’t just build terraces forever!  I finally settled on a row of micro mountains and then a cloudy sky.

Initially I went for a pink sunset, since I wanted to make the build unique.  But I had mixed feelings about the result.

For one thing, I don’t have the greatest selection of pink slopes, and for another, a thumbnail view of the pink sky was visually confusing.

In this next picture you can get a good sense of the terrace layout and the real depth of field between that and the mountains.

For the photography (first with the pink sky and later with the blue) I just set up with a towel behind in order to keep unwanted light from showing through the cracks.

There’s nothing “finished” about the final model – I just used what came to hand in areas that I knew would be outside the feature shot!

From this top view you can get the best sense for the space between the last terrace and the mountains.  I stuck just a few stalks behind that wall in order to help with the transition.

And that wraps up our look at these rice terraces!  If you enjoyed this look behind the scenes of one of my creations, you might also be interested in the following posts:

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