Build Log: Tea Shop

If your interested in seeing how a pile of bricks turn into this…

…read on!

After a day or two of work, I had the beginnings of a second story.  I started off with the idea of using light aqua, and that seemed to go well with light grey and white.

Notice the lampposts in this picture… those ended up not making the final build, they just didn’t fit what I had going.  But they’ll probably make it into a future build of mine!

Here’s a preliminary attempt at a roof.  Just wasn’t able to get the curve I wanted on this one.  Note the red flowers too – those changed to blue later on!

Back to the drawing board with the roof!  Had to borrow all my brothers’ black cone pieces for this roof!

Here’s the completed house.  After this point, all I did was partial interiors and the cobblestone – which did take a while!

The final build, again:

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