Behind the Scenes: Tea Shop

Tea, light aqua, and cobblestone… it just goes!

I did something a little different with the interiors for this build – I built just as much as you could see from the outside.  Building fully furnished interiors that are almost impossible to capture well because of camera angle constraints is a pain, so I was trying to avoid that with this creation!

On the second story we have a restaurant for select customers.

It was fun to use glasses for the fence and fences for the lattice roof over the balcony!

And of course, I need to point out the use of a dragon tail for a plant…

Here’s another shot of the whole house!

Inside we’ve got some plants hanging from the roof to help out with the ambiance.

The second story has a bit of an interior too!

And here is the full build without minifigures:

Now for some behind the scenes shots!  Notice the black plate behind the lower story doors here – this is with the door shut.  The plate keeps unwanted light from seeping through the cracks.

Here’s what went into the downstairs interior.  The wall was loose so I could push it around where I needed.

I used hands to attach the door panels.

The upstairs interior pulls out easily so I could pick things up that fell down.

I had plans for a full interior, thus the fancy doors.  But I didn’t like the idea of detailing all that blank wall…

Lastly, the roof also has a black backing to keep light out from the cracks.  It slots in pretty nicely!

A parting shot…

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