LEGO F5 Tiger II

On the 11th of August, 1972, the F5 took off for its first flight… and about 45 years later, here it is in LEGO bricks!

The F5 Tiger II has some subtle curves that are hard to capture in bricks, and the plane was much more complicated than my F15 from last year!

Each F5 costs about $2.1 million – I recommend sticking with a LEGO model. 😉

1,400 have been produced, with about 500 still in service. The F5E Tiger II is used today mostly by US allies and for training purposes.

This plane was on display at BrickWorld Chicago 2018, along with my F15, so it’s gotten around a bit!

Since displaying it, I tweaked the ends of the larger wings to add a bomb.

The underside of this plane is fairly smooth, but getting all four sets of wheels to touch the ground at the same time proved a bit of a challenge!

Highly swooshable!

Aiming for the skies… the tip of this plane is actually a minifigure accessory, a foil.

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