Behind the Scenes: Qarkyr Box Gardens

What you’re supposed to see…

…and what there is to see…

…means all the difference is in a good angle and a good crop.

So much more goes into building an all-LEGO scene than meets the eye.  In one sense, these are some of the most difficult LEGO creations, because it’s so hard to judge what will and what won’t be visible from the final angle.  In another sense, of course, these are the easiest creations, because you don’t have to finish anything.  You can just run awkward connections right off the edges of the scene, use “filler” bricks on corners and angles, and add onto the back as you go along without having to decide on a footprint right from the start.

For this creation, I started with the row of arches out front.  Then, because I had just recently seen a tutorial for floating cobblestone, I decided that would be my floor of choice.  I tweaked the original design a bit, raising each stone by the height of one plate, in order to be able to get sideways double cheese into the equation.  In the picture below, you can get a feel for the depth of the cobblestone technique (round tiles on top of round bricks, in essence), since I initially intended to put cobblestone all the way around the front box.  So the tile foundation is there, but when I later realized it would hardly be visible, I cut that corner off.

Fun fact: I used every single dark grey, light grey, black, white, tan, dark brown, dark red, and dark blue 1×1 round brick that I own in this build, and then I had to move on to using cones…

The box gardens are a little more complex as I went with some tricky connections.  First of all they sit half a plate out from the original square base, which left me with an awkward 3/4 stud inside.  Secondly, the tiles are attached to each other with minifigure hands, that being the smallest way to connect them.  After realizing that the boxes were not a whole number of studs across, I decided to float most of the plants (i.e., not to attach them) inside.

About halfway through building the gardens I took a break and worked on the back wall.  Initially I wanted a row of tan arches and then a contrasting color behind, but when I realized that the final wall would hardly be visible, I decided to go for something simple that wouldn’t confuse the viewer or draw attention away from the focus of the build, the box gardens.

Another great thing about all-LEGO scenes is that photography set-up is really simple.  Just take it somewhere where there’s good lighting, bring out the camera, and you’re ready to roll!

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