Shinmizu Village

What do you get when you smash Venice and Japan together on the edge of a cliff? Welcome to Shinmizu village, where small canals thread their way between houses before rushing over the rocks in foamy waterfalls, where arabesque domes stand side-by-side flowering Japanese-style trees, and where your backyard could be a sheer cliff.

This build was a collaborative effort between myself and my brother Robert4168/Garmadon.  We spent about one month on it, including a pretty intensive last week!

The model started with the goal of combining two very unique and very cool styles of architecture and intentional landscaping – Japanese, and Venetian.  Japan inspired these flowery trees.

To save on slopes, we decided to angle the rockwork.  Building an angled balcony over angled rock, however, was quite a challenge.

I usually regret building non-rectangular houses by the time I get to the roof, and this one was no exception.  Nonetheless, with a little experimentation, I was able to settle on a roof that fit the vibe of the rest of the house, with bits of dark red and a nice amount of texture thanks to the Nexo Knights shields.

Here you get a better view of the non-rectangular house.  Had to avoid the waterfall somehow!

The front of the house looks at the small canal.

This next house is probably my favorite of all the houses I’ve ever built.  It’s a combination of some pretty complicated techniques, but was still relatively simple to build and for me the colors work perfectly.

The house is deeper on one side than the other, thanks to the canal, but this wasn’t as complicated to work around as might have been expected.

Off to the side of the house is a little garden that was a lot of fun to build!

The third building I built is something of a chapel.  I wanted to do something more gothic, to bring in the Venetian style, but at the same time it had to fit in with the Japanese theme.  So I took flying buttresses to a new level!

Of to the side, a boy playes with his little toy boat!

Here’s a better view of the boat and of the back of the chapel.

What would a cliffside village be without waterfalls?  The idea of a land bridge really appealed to me, and then I decided that having a waterfall come off either side would be extra unique!

My third waterfall just comes straight off the cliff.

Moving on to my brother’s section, he did a really great job with his little gondola – bringing back the Venice theme again!  Although, even he would have to admit, there’s no way that gondola is fitting in the canals…

The nice winding pathway from the dock at the foot of the cliff merges into the sidewalk after a cute bridge over the river!

This traditional Japanese house features a parrot!

It can’t be fun moving goods up and down those stairs to the dock.

Here’s a closer picture of the gondola.  Someone is out for a fun day!

Bringing back the Venetian theme with a bit of an Arabesque flavor, my brother’s little pavilion looks like a pleasant place to spend an afternoon!

From this angle you should be able to spot a frog!

A traditional Japanese minifigure serenely drinks his tea at the brink of a rushing waterfall.

Finally, we have one last picture of the cave.  Apparently, even in remote Shinmizu, there are smugglers…

If you enjoyed this creation, you might also like seeing these previous collaborations!


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