LEGO Ninjago Diorama Build Log

The creation of a LEGO MOC is always a detailed and time consuming process… but when the MOC is over 145×95 studs long, then it’s not just a process, it’s a project!  So when my brother and I decided to highlight the key locations of the Ninjago universe in that footprint, I made sure to document our progress!

We began with a few rough sketches and a general idea of what locations to include, and before long we had spread out our fifteen baseplates and got to work.

The Temple of Airjitzu is already almost complete, as you’ll probably notice.  In fact, that modification of a LEGO set was kind of where this whole project started!

A little while later, and we’ve got a bit of a road laid down, plus some colored baseplates so we could start to get a feel for the biomes.

A river around the temple, snow for the Birchwood forest, sand near Ed & Edna’s junkyard, and some dark tan plates laid out in the general direction of the road.

By this time we’ve made some good progress.  I built the left half, while my brother worked on the right.

So far, he’d made some great progress on Kai and Nya’s Four Weapon’s shop.

Meanwhile, I had started on the Birchwood forest and nailed down my section of the dirt road.

In this next picture, my brother has introduced a good sized slab of rockwork onto his side, while I’ve finished a few Ninjago city buildings.

These were pretty fun to build; I got to try out lots of colors and techniques!

I’ve also done a bit more on the landscaping, but nothing too heavy yet.

In this next picture you can see a lot more landscaping, as my brother has laid down most of his section.  He’s saved a small spot for Sensei Wu’s Tea Shop, while I’ve got a place for Ed & Edna’s junkyard (on top of the red tiles) and for the Birchwood forest (on top of the blue tiles).

Further progress – water, train tracks, Sensei’s Tea Shop and a torii.

Here we’ve got the beginnings of a tree, and a good deal of landscaping as well.

In this picture you can see a preliminary tree, a few more telephone poles, Ed & Edna’s junkyard, and a pier out over the lake.

With Birchwood forest and a finalized Sensei’s Tea Shop, the diorama is really taking shape!

Birchwood forest isn’t quite done yet, however; the underground – Zane’s dad’s workshop – still needs some furniture!

This next picture is from the start of our photo session.  The monastery (far right) has been completed, and we’ve also got a couple of trees and a house out over the lake.

Of course, this creation was much to big and heavy to be carried downstairs and outside in one piece!  My brother and I had purposefully made each section removable, and that definitely made our lives easier.  Here’s a picture of the base without the sections:

And here are all the sections:

Lastly, here’s a glimpse of our elaborate photo setup.  It’s already been a little dismantled and the sun is starting to get to it, but the general idea is there!

And that was how we got from a pile of bricks to this:

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the details in my previous post, LEGO Ninjago Diorama!

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2 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago Diorama Build Log

  1. Hildigrim Took December 22, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    I’m still amazed and love how much you guys were able to make fit in this diorama! Wonderful work 🙂

    • Geneva D December 23, 2017 / 10:17 am

      Thanks! It was a lot of fun doing so many different sections, but at the same time, almost every section left us wanting to do a whole diorama of just that area! 😀

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