LEGO F15 Eagle

The F15 Eagle… one of the few planes that can boast never having been lost in combat.


The eagle’s first flight was on 27 July, 1972.

The F15 is used in the US, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, and there have been over 1000 built so far.

Each plan costs roughly $28 million!

I included a little functionality – a small part of the wings can bend up.

The engines might be my favorite part.

Here’s a view of the belly of the beast.

My grandfather worked on this plane – simulating war combat and calculating fuel and missiles, so the F15 is definitely special for me!

Although my model is definitely not designed to be played with by toddlers, it can stand some careful handling and even a bit of swooshing.

Happen to want a one?  Since I’ve already done the design work, this would be a relatively cheap commission. 😉

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