LEGO Ninjago Diorama

Take a speed tour through the world of LEGO Ninjago in this approximately 7′ by 3′ display!  With everything from Ninjago City to the Temple of Airjitzu to Ronin’s Pawn Shop, this collaborative creation by myself and my brother (Robert4168/Garmadon on Flickr) hits up every major Ninjago TV Show location!

Are you ready for a trip through the land of the ninja?

Each larger section (and some of the smaller ones) of this diorama is removable.  This made moving the display a lot easier, and also allowed us to photograph each section separately!

First of all, Grand Sensei Dareth’s Mojo Dojo:

Dareth isn’t a ninja, but he’s a ninja wanna-be.  When the ninja’s training area is destroyed by their enemy Garmadon, they get Dareth to let him use his dojo.

The back walls of this building open for access to the interiors, and the building splits in two for a better look inside the lower story!

Here’s a picture of it in situ with the rest of the display!

Next stop, the Temple of Airjitzu.  This is a heavy modification of the LEGO set… which in fact, was pretty much the starting point for the whole endeavor!

Like the LEGO set, this Temple of Airjitzu has an open back for easy access.

I was also able to include the original shadow theater – push the lever to turn the light brick on, and then turn it to rotate the figures and flames!

The Temple of Airjitzu offers a great minifigure vantage point over the diorama!

We’ll move on to a block of Ninjago city.  This section was fun to build, with lots of unique colors and little details!

As in Dareth’s Dojo, the backs open or can be removed for interior access!

Moving on, here’s Ed & Edna’s Scrap’n’Junk!  Yes, it has shrunk a bit, but that’s what happens when you try to fit the whole Ninjago universe into 7′ by 3′!

I tried to conserve the cluttered look, and having the slanted wall “roofs” was a must!

And there’s Jay’s dad Ed, busy welding away as always!

Next up, Birchwood Forest and Dr. Julien’s underground workplace!

Zane ZX makes a double appearance in this build, on top and inside, discovering his true robotic identity!

Here is a close-up of The Guardian robot… who, if you ask me, ended up looking better in bricks than it did in the show!

Don’t miss the special symbol on his back… the symbol that matches the door to the secret basement!

The previous sections were all built by yours truly; the following ones were built by my brother, starting with this recreation of a Ninjago rural train station.

Next comes Sensei Wu’s tea shop, Steep Wisdom.

Then there’s Four Weapons, the blacksmith’s shop that Kai and Nya run, until Sensei Wu recruits Kai to join his ninja force!  If you’re a Ninjago fan, you’ll be sure to spot the reference with Kai’s future self peeking out from behind the wall!

This building also has a full – and TV show accurate – interior!

Next comes Ronin’s pawn shop… the notorious Ronin’s pawn shop.  In the show, of course, it’s part of a whole city built on stilts – the city of Styx.

Last but not least, we have one of the most iconic locations of the TV show that surprisingly, has never been wholly recreated in bricks before, to the best of my knowledge!  Well, maybe that’s not actually so surprising… even downscaled, Sensei Wu’s Monastery is still massive!

This is where the ninja train, under the leadership of their wise master.

Check out even more pictures of the details in these two albums (mouse over for arrows to scroll through):

Ninjago Diorama: Torii
Ninjago Train Station


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