Solid Ground

One German, Two Germans,
Three Germans, Four
See them go,
Out the door.
Invited to Russia,
By the Queen.
It is the strangest thing
I’ve ever seen!

Down the road,
Here they come.
Toiling along,
Beneath the sun.
Wagons and carts,
A loud toned roar,
Why such a trip,
In times of yore?

What said the Queen
To the German men?
What made them move,
Way back when?
Back in Germany,
Things were bad.
Wars and famine –
It was very sad.

Then said the queen,
“Come to Russia and be
Free from taxes,
And tyranny.
Freedom of religion,
No work in the milit’ry,
Keep speaking German –
I’ll give you lots of liberty!”

So along they came
Without a pause
Risking all
In freedom’s cause.
They settled in Russia
By the Volga River
They built up houses;
Their lives were better!

But as time went on
Things got rough.
The czars of Russia
Were becoming tough.
And then at last
Came the Russification
All the people
Were to become one nation.

All the German workers
And all the Russian men
Were going to combine
Under one mother hen.
Alexander the Second
Would fix the nation
By placing all
Under his subjugation.

So the brave Germans
Packed up their stuff
Cracked their whips
And left in a huff.
For liberty’s sake,
So they could be free,
They decided to travel
Across the sea!

And so they set sail,
Brave and bold,
Across the open ocean,
Through dangers untold.
At last they arrived
In a brand new country.
The nation of America,
A land of plenty!

And in the United States
They made their way.
Those brave Germans
Are here to stay!
Across the Mid-west
Germans from Russia are found,
After all their moves,
They’ve found solid ground.



American Historical Society of Germans From Russia.  Web.  (Accessed March 27, 2014)

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Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. Web. (Accessed March 27, 2014)

Poem originally written for and published electronically by the Germans from Russia Heritage Society.


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