La Corona Restaurant

Following in the food-oriented footsteps of my previous food-oriented LEGO post, let’s take a look at this MOC*, built just over a year ago, an old-fashioned restaurant!
*MOC = My Own Creation

I had a few challenges with the design choices for this build, although I knew when I started that I wanted to revisit my cobblestone technique.  With a comparatively small stretch of road in the creation, it wasn’t terribly time consuming.

Then came the restaurant itself, and it took a while to hit on a satisfactory solution for the black at the base; I had intended to use 2×1 tiles, separated slightly, for stonework, but I quickly discovered that was not feasible given my parts and the dimensions of the building!

Next came the momentous choice: what color should the walls be?  After experimenting with lavender (that was a definite no-go!) I had a eureka moment and settled on dark red as the obvious choice.

The little roofs above the windows came together fairly easily, much to my satisfaction.  It took a little more time to find out what to use above the door, but that obstacle was overcome too!

An interior was a must, and it was easy to add a few tables and chairs to complete the look!

As usually happens when building at minifigure scale, what looks like a big house outside looks like a pretty small room inside, so things are a bit crowded.  But at least the high roof gives it an airy look!

I wouldn’t get too close to this cook while he’s engaged in his professional duties, though…

If you enjoyed seeing this creation, below are some others you might be interested in!


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