Japanese Fortress

A few days ago we looked at the building process for my Japanese Fortress; now let’s take a closer look at the creation itself!

I started to build with the cracked stonework for the base very definitely in mind.  In fact, that’s pretty much the highlight of this project, as it uses some complicated techniques, taking into account the tiny off-sets of some of the smallest LEGO pieces.  Besides, the stonework is angled slightly, which adds another dimension!

Since I was re-creating this LEGO set, I wanted to present one picture that had more-or-less the same layout.  Below you’ll notice the Ninja and Samurais fighting it out on multiple levels.

An important minifigure of the original set was the “Ninja Robber,” so I was careful to conserve that aspect and you can see the robber making – or trying to make – his getaway below!

In all candor, I do have to admit that flying with a glider like the one below is not something you should try at home.  But LEGO Ninja gliders are generally exempt from the normal laws of gravity as far as I can tell, and this one is certainly no exception.

I was determined to include at least a little functionality in this set.  Of course, a twisting teapot that triggers shooting jewels may not be a very useful function, but it is a function, at least.

Another important aspect of this build is the interior section on the bottom story.  Actually, to be accurate, the largest tower room has a finished interior as well, but there’s nothing in it.

On the left we have a collection of shurikens and a few daggers, plus a short ladder, which, by the way, helps to keep the second story floor attached…

On the right we have a similar arrangement, only with a whole bunch of katanas.  At long last, my years of collecting Ninjago have paid off!

In this next overview picture, the Ninja forces are conspicuous by their absence.  Although, of course, it’s probable that the skeleton was a Ninja, in which case they’ve left a worthy representative.

And with a parting shot, the head Samurai gallops out from his gate and heads off to find Ninja and adventures beyond!


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