Mediterranean in Bricks

Low roofs, awnings, and earthy-toned walls present themselves to my mind when I visualize a Mediterranean city, and I did my best to capture that feel in this LEGO creation.

I was inspired by Venice 1486 by Legopard and Brick Vader, although I wasn’t nearly as ambitious when it came to size.  The lanterns were a fun detail, as was the bench out front.

A bit of vegetative color was an absolute must.  With a palm tree out back and a small orange tree on the rooftop, all that was missing was a few garden flowers growing in the courtyard along the slanted wall.

Inside the courtyard, a young aspirant amuses himself with his favorite pastime – sparring with the cast-iron pump.  His mother watches from a safe distance.  Fredric can get wild.

I built this rather leisurely over the course of several days, trying to pay careful attention to the little details.  In the end, my favorite part was the courtyard out back, where I was able to achieve the look I was aiming for with the flowers and palm tree!


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