Chasing Troodon

You took a deep breath and glared down the grimy pipeline.  “Eew!” you exclaimed.  But your friend hissed in your ear, “Hurry!” and you knew that you had no choice.

You jumped in.

Brrr! but the water was cold, and Yuck! but the slime was disgusting, and Oof! but the smell was awful!

You endured it as best as you could, and just when you thought another second of this torture would make you vomit, you were spewed out into the open air.

Let’s let you introduce yourself.  You’re nicknamed Dragon Raider, and you hunt dinosaurs for a living… that is, when dinosaurs aren’t hunting you.

When they are hunting you, things get tough.  And dirty.

For this mission, you were assigned the job of capturing a Troodon that had escaped from its security cage in the dinosaur precinct.  Now, Troodons may be small, but you’d be quick to let us know that they’re still fast and fearsome!  Perhaps they wouldn’t swallow a person up whole, but having one right on one’s tail is still highly unpleasant.

But your situation was even worse.  You were squeezing through the duct tracts – which was where the central computers had tracked the beast to – when suddenly a deep-toned roar sounded right behind you.  You yelped in surprise and nearly smashed your friend and co-worker, Dino Dave, into the wall of the duct.  Then you both began to crawl away as fast as possible.

Somehow, the two of you managed to slip and slide and squeeze your way into a small behind-the-scenes maintenance hall.  You had never been here before, and you looked around desperately for a place to take cover while you readied your tranquilizer gun.  Nothing.  Hardly even a crack in the floor for an ant to hide behind, let alone you.

The next instant a Troodon leg came dangling through the duct opening.  You and your friend searched frantically for some way of escape.  Dino Dave dug his fingernails into a small crack in the floor.  With your help, he pried open the top to a large sewer pipe.

That was where we started.  Now, covered with filth, you and Dino Dave are standing in a massive drainage ditch.  “I guess this is where all the dino droppings go,” Dave mutters.

You are too busy getting your tranquilizer gun ready to be able to reply.  Strange scratching and scraping noises are coming out of the sewer pipe hole, and you know what that means.

You take a steady aim at the hole.  No sooner does the beast pop its head out than “SNAP!”  Your gun just misfired.  “Nasty sewer water!” you exclaim, realizing that it must have fouled up the workings – literally.

But Dino Dave knows this is no time for getting mad at sewer water.  “Run!” he shouts.

“Who can run in this dirt soup?” you shoot back.  Nevertheless, you clamber up the ditch sides as fast as you can.

But the bank is slippery, and the muck is sticky, and your gun is heavy.

You slip.

And the Troodon is right behind you.

You get a great view of his big front teeth as he opens his jaws wide.

*             *             *

  “Hurry up!” your Dad calls, giving you a friendly shove.

You snap back to reality and walk on to the next museum exhibit.


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