Tiny Trailblazers: Vol. I

A while back I got my first LEGO baby, and it wasn’t long before I realized that he looked really cute with some of the standard hats!  And so my Tiny Trailblazers series was born.

My first creation dressed the baby up as a knight.

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Shinmizu Village

What do you get when you smash Venice and Japan together on the edge of a cliff? Welcome to Shinmizu village, where small canals thread their way between houses before rushing over the rocks in foamy waterfalls, where arabesque domes stand side-by-side flowering Japanese-style trees, and where your backyard could be a sheer cliff.

This build was a collaborative effort between myself and my brother Robert4168/Garmadon.  We spent about one month on it, including a pretty intensive last week!

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Prating Pirates 2

Previous Prating Pirates (loosely connected).

Emperor: Are you sure this is safe?

Dragon: *Roars*

Ryuu: Sure it’s safe; see that dragon?  We’ve got to put the gold we’re bringing back there and then – ! No one could ever get past my dragon!

Emperor: *dryly* That’s my point.  


Emperor: These chests are heavy, there’s a dragon in the way who we’re supposed to get past, and…

Ryuu: AND all your gold will be safe from pirates in just a moment; here, I’ll get these behind the dragon, whose name shall be… Akilakomey, and you can go.

Emperor: Well, well then…  good day…

*Emperor’s feet shuffling quickly*

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